Our Services

Lawn mowing

Using a Honda HRU contractor’s mulching mower we cut lawn and return the finely chopped clippings to the thatch to ensure ongoing nutrition and health of the lawn. This achieves durability and resilience during all seasons and keeps the lawn a consistent, healthy colour.

If you prefer, we can collect the clippings and take them off-site (tip fees apply), put them in your compost or organics bin.

Ride-on Mower

Our Zero-Turn Radius Ride-On Mower has a 1050mm (42 inch) cutting width to take care of larger lawn. The machine’s two pairs of swing-back blades ensure a manicured finish even on undulating terrain.


Our Zero-Turn has the capability to reduce long grass to short with minimum effort thanks to it’s 23 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine.

Slashing long roadside grass

Tree pruning

Arborists undertake high and often dangerous work on large trees. Given the nature of their work it’s not surprising they are quite expensive. If you need work done on smaller trees (up to 5 metres) we may be able to help at a fraction of the cost. We are fully insured for this work.

We have all the right equipment to safely remove limbs or complete trees.

Pole saw to trim low hanging branches
16 inch chainsaw

Fruit tree pruning

Fruit trees require specialist pruning. We can prune one fruit tree or an entire orchard.

We also offer a rose pruning service.

Hedge trimming

We prune hedges of all sizes except those requiring an elevated platform vehicle (Cherry picker).